episode 58


With GenerOZity just around the corner, We will see the return of Leto and Joel!
At GenerOzity 2, over $23,000 was raised over 48 hours, and this year they are stepping it up!
Found out  what is install for Generozity 3! the Charity stream

What Is GenerOZity?

GenerOZity is a pop-up guerrilla charity marathon. We're here for 72 hours, featuring streamers, podcasts, YouTubers, and community groups across Australia.

Topic this week: GenerOZity, The birth of a friendship, Dark Souls, Ultima, RuneScape, AK Racing, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Darksiders, Sea Shanties, DnD, Horse Skeleton, I Speak Giant, Yugs dancing skills and the fact that Joel was a Pirate and leto was a Cat/Anime Girl/ Lizard/ Pewdiepie


I Speak Giant:

Horse Skeleton:

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