episode 53

The C Force

We return for season 2 of You Game Bro? Podcast, and we are joined by one of the the most powerful stream teams on Twitch, The Mighty Cunt Force. CF is made up of 3 of Twitch Australia's most unique streamers. Cody aka Excessive Profanity, Nathan aka Derris Kharlan and Wetty aka Wet For Jesus aka Closure In Moscow.

Topics this week: Twitch, 90's Kids Shows, The Birth of the Cunt Force, I Wanna Be The Boshy, Final Fantasy XIV: Storm Blood, Free Subway, Closure in Moscow, Sonic Art, Sega Mega Drive, Lion King and Aladdin being bull shit hard and a tab of Metal Gear Solid.

Thanks to Derris for the end theme ' Might CuntForce ' which can be found on http://derriskharlan.com/track/mighty-cuntforce

The podcast is recorded live on https://www.twitch.tv/yougamebropodcast every Wednesday 8pm AEST

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