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episode 30


Episode 30 not only brings in the new year that is 2017 but also amazing guests such as the Twitch streamer/Youtuber miss Fruitopia, Land of Fruity Booty and Fruit Salad, Loserfruit. Loserfruit has been streaming on Twitch for over 3 years, has build a community of a Quarter of a million followers, has over 8 million views and does it all with a smile.

Topics this week: Sims 1 sound track, If Witcher 3 had a cast of people with normal names, What we want out of 2017, 2018 plans and that ancient activity that is random shower thoughts.

This podcast is live streamed every Wednesday 8pm AEDT on Twitch.tv/yougamebropodcast

You can find LoserFruit at